ONYO BOAT COVERSTM manufactures all kinds of tilts for boats. Simple march tilt or tilt window or standing on shore or winter, all are made of special materials in marine range, waterproof, UV protective treatment, saline environment resistant.

ONYO COVER BOATSTM makes professional stitches and finishes using specially treated and very resistant marine range thread.

ONYO BOAT COVERSTM tailors sheets according to your boat type (custom made) and can make any adjustments or changes.

ONYO BOAT COVERSTM uses special equipment and supplies sheets of marine range. Like tarpaulin materials, accessories and supplies are premium products imported from the most renowned manufacturers in the field.

ONYO BOAT COVERSTM makes all kinds of tarpaulins or tent canopies for events, garden umbrellas and gazebos etc. It can also perform repairs or changes to tarpaulins or covers. ONYO BOAT COVERSTM confectioneaza steaguri sau drapele din materiale specifice folosind furniturile caracteristice acestora (carabine, ocheti, capse, etc.). makes flags or flags of specific materials using specific materials and supplies (carabiners, slings, hooks, and so on).