ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM makes leather gunners to ​​the interior of your vehicle Car interior upholstery can be executed by original pattern or different stitch patterns (custom made) to the customer's choice.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM uses 100% natural leather or special Alcantara materials, imported from the most renowned manufacturers. Their tradition in leather processing and our professionalism gives the highest quality finished products.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM offers to its clients different types of leather in a variety of textures and colors (matte, glossy, ribbed, perforated etc.).

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM recommends that you only use professional cleaning and maintenance products to gain maximum satisfaction and enjoy a long time investment.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM makes tapestries car manually using the car's original pattern, or customizing the interior design with original designs cuts and stitches per customer's request.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM makes auto upholstering of any complexity for all interior components, steering wheel, seats, benches, side door, shifter and brake caps, using high quality materials (photo - upholstered with Alcantara roof). Also seams are made with special threads, resistant to a wide range of thicknesses and colors.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM makes ​​leather seat repairs, replacing partially or totally damaged material.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM implements heated seat systems for models not fitted as factory system.

ONYO LEATHER TUNINGTM reconditions or totally replaces upholstery for various types of classical or modern style furniture.